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,Perak DAP publicity secretary Chong Zhemin says Umno has openly gone against the BN consensus to stay in PN. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, August 9, 2021.

DAP has urged its rival MCA to sack Umno from the Barisan Nasional coalition for going against their mandate to stick with Perikatan Nasional until the next general election. Perak DAP publicity secretary Chong Zhemin said his challenge to MCA was based on MCA president Wee Ka Siong’s pledge to support PN as per the BN agreement. BN partners MCA and MIC had said they would continue to support the current government as agreed by BN last year despite Umno’s decision to withdraw support. “Since Wee insisted it was a BN decision to stay in PN until the next GE which is still valid, MCA should fulfill its promise to sack Umno from BN for going against the BN consensus,” Chong, who is also Keranji state assemblyman, said in a statement. On Friday, Wee said the party’s stance would not change as long as the decision by BN remained. “MCA has taken a firm stand with regard to the decision made by BN last year, which is to remain supportive of the current government. “As long as the decision remains, we feel obliged to make this announcement together with our comrades in BN.” “We will stick together and prioritise the people. We (will) manage the Covid-19 issue, and eventually the people will decide,” Wee said when appearing in a press conference with 20 other BN MPs. Chong said that according to Wee, in March last year the BN supreme council meeting had resolved to join the PN government until the next GE. “I hereby challenge MCA to make good on their promise to sack Umno from BN since Umno has openly gone against the BN consensus to stay in PN.” He added that former MCA president Liow Tiong Lai had said in 2018 that MCA would sack Umno from BN if Umno forged an alliance with PAS. “However, MCA did not fulfill its promise to sack Umno and has now formed an alliance with PAS in the PN government. “Umno’s decision to pull support from Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and PN without consulting BN component parties is gross misconduct.” Chong said that if MCA still had any dignity left, Wee should immediately call for a BN supreme council meeting and sack Umno from BN for its unilateral decision to quit PN which is against the BN consensus. – August 9, 2021.