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,Password or passphrase? Instead of a password made up of short string of random letters and numbers, a longer combination of random words may be the safer choice. — dpa

"FgB6%--"§$Sfs3Dj" might look like a great, hard-to-crack password. Just try remembering it.

So what's the key to finding good passwords you can actually remember? The website is offering some practical help with easy-to-remember alternatives to cryptic character combinations – in other words: passphrases instead of passwords.

Loosely based on one example from the cult web comic XKCD, the site creates password phrases, i.e. chains of words separated by spaces or hyphens.

The special thing about this website: They are always food ingredients. Would you like an example? "Wheat rosemary tea pie." Or "Almond oil kale bluefish walnut kebab."

The idea is that the more complex a password is, the harder it is to crack. By stringing together many words into a so-called passphrase, the possible combinations increase.

The more possible combinations, the longer it takes even powerful methods to crack the password – until at some point it is simply no longer worth it.

The password generator can be set for passphrases from three to ten words – all related to food.

It's worth noting that some researchers have argued that passphrases are no more safe than passwords because they often rely on famous quotes or established phrases, making them easier to crack.

However this flaw is likely to be reduced by a platform generating random words – although perhaps less so if they are all limited to a culinary theme. is therefore more of an idea generator and a small incentive to get to grips with the topic of passwords or passphrases.

However, the passphrases cannot be used completely without restrictions: some web services, for example, still require upper and lower case letters, special characters or numbers in passwords. These would then have to be integrated into the passphrases if necessary.

Itadakimasu is a traditional saying of thanks from Japan that is said before a meal. It is meant to express appreciation for all those involved in the preparation and to honour nature. – dpa