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Digital signing is a secure form of electronic signature that replaces traditional wet ink signatures, says Law.

MORE and more businesses and organisations have begun to fully embrace digital transformation as the world persevered through a pandemic and now an endemic.

And staying ahead of the game is this local company that revolutionised a simple, yet effective paperless solution – digital signatures.

SigningCloud – a subsidiary of Securemetric Bhd, one of South-East Asia’s leading digital security solutions provider – was launched in July 2020 with a clear vision in mind: to aid businesses in their digital processes in a safe and affordable way.

Electronic signatures have been in the market for some time, but it may not always be the most secure option for inkless signatures.

Enter digital signatures. As a facet of electronic signatures, they are far more credible, assuring and reliable, and can easily be implemented into a system for any signature-related day-to-day task.

Digital signatures go one step further by providing enhanced security to the signer(s) of the document, as compared to e-signatures.

Many are doubtful of digital signing with the implied belief that it isn’t a strong signing method. However, the contrary is true.

In addition to being just as enforceable as good ol’ ink signatures, digital signature platforms such as SigningCloud are protected via strong two-factor authentication, whereby signed documents on the platform are tamper-proof. This means that if anyone attempts to alter the signed document, it can easily be detected by running it through any common PDF viewing tool.

Born of a need

This 100% home-grown Malaysian brand was incepted in the middle of the movement control order (MCO) last year and has gone on to amass thousands of account holders and counting.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, SigningCloud has a regional presence in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Securemetric started out in 2007, aimed solely at digital security solutions and has successfully made a name for itself with global clients across South-East Asia. The idea of SigningCloud was born when its founders saw a need in the market for safe and trustworthy digital signature solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Securemetric and SigningCloud chief executive officer and executive director Edward Law explains the importance of digital signing: “The adoption of digital signing has propelled to great heights over the last decade as more and more businesses began to embrace digitalisation and particularly more so in the last year and a half as the world gradually ascended into an era of work from home as a result of the pandemic.”

With this in mind, SigningCloud strives to play a big part in assisting Malaysian companies – from large MNCs to small start-ups – head towards being fully digitalised.