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aws‘试用’账号( curiosity is part of journalism



aws〖〖试用账〗号〗『提』供aws“《‘账号’》”、aws 全区号[、aws32v“《‘账号’》”、亚马逊云“《‘账号’》”出售,『提』供api ,「质量稳定」,“数量持续”。《另有售》azure oracle linode等“《‘账号’》”.

The media, in a democracy, have the responsibility to hold people in power to account for what they say and do, the writer says. – EPA pic, November 16, 2021.

Commentary by Mustafa K. Anuar

IT is understandable why media fraternities National Union of Journalists Malaysia, Gerakan Media Merdeka and Institute of Journalists Malaysia as well as concerned Malaysians objected to the way a Free Malaysia Today journalist was mistreated for having carried out her responsibility.