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A PARADIGM shift occurs when the usual way of thinking, talking or doing things is replaced by new and different ways. These normally happen when fundamentals are progressively changed.

Developing a country takes time, starting with holistic education that seeks to address the emotional, social and ethical needs of students, apart from academic studies and skills training.

Students must reflect on their actions and how they impact the community, and engage in projects that apply critical thinking skills toward solving real-world problems.

However, if education is centred on rote learning just to pass school examinations and plagiarism to gain academic qualifications, young adults will be unproductive, and citizens remain poor.

This is evident in our country as a huge number of poor-quality graduates is churned out every year. Being largely clueless, most are underemployed or remained unemployed for months.

Not in Singapore, though. It separated from Malaysia in 1965 and developed to become one of the richest nations, thanks mainly to good governance and sound education.

Although the standard and cost of living in Singapore is high, the average Singaporean salary is several times higher than in Malaysia, allowing for more disposable income and savings.

Hence, there are about 1 million Malaysians or former Malaysians residing in Singapore, and another 350,000 Malaysian workers and students commuting daily from Johor, pre-pandemic.

Malaysia had also lost much of its best human capital to other countries around the world, initially with the United Kingdom then the United States, Australia and in later years China.

While other non-English speaking countries have adopted or promoted English as the second language to be better connected and exposed to the world, we are doing the exact opposite.

In fact, many of our politicians have succeeded in nurturing island mentalities in cultivating their support base by sowing fear and hatred towards other races, religions and languages.

Those who truly love their own race, religion and language would focus on lifting their own community, which would be admired universally. Yet, such efforts require too much hard work.

For example, the French are well known to be proud of their language and culture. Thus, they established more than 800 Alliances Françaises for 500,000 students around the world.

Granted, we do not have the resource to establish language centres overseas, but those who are passionate of our national language could at least open one in the country for foreign workers.

If many had done so, tens of millions of foreign workers that have passed through our shores over the past decades would have had the chance to formally learn the Malay language.

Many of them would be promoting or even teaching Malay back in their home country, and along with it the Malay culture, which has been enriched over the centuries through exposure.