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PETALING JAYA: MARC Ratings has downgraded its ratings on MEX II Sdn Bhd’s RM1.3bil sukuk murabahah programme and RM150mil junior bonds to defaulted rating of D from CIS/C.

Highway operator MEX II Sdn Bhd is owned by Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd.

The rating action follows a non-payment on the principal and profit totalling RM107.8mil on the outstanding sukuk of RM1.3bil on due date, the rating agency said.

The non-payment is after two previous extensions granted by sukuk holders in the past.

MARC Ratings said it understands that the issuer had engaged with the sukuk holders about a possible further extension of the maturity date to March 31, 2022 but failed to obtain their consent.

Meanwhile, according to MEX I Capital Bhd’s lodgement with the Securities Commission (SC) website, it said it has proposed to issue two Islamic bonds or sukuk with a collective value of more than RM3bil under the Musharakah principle.

MEX I Capital is the parent company of Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd (MESB). The holding company of both MEX I Capital and MESB is Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd.

MEX I said the proposed Islamic bonds comprised of RM2.21bil subordinated sukuk and RM1.13bil senior sukuk programmes.

However, the highway concessionaire did not specify the issuance dates and durations of the bonds, the securities’ annual profit rates, and how the proceeds from the two bond issuances will be used.

The lodgement dates for the RM2.21bil subordinated sukuk and RM1.13bil senior sukuk programmes were on Wednesday (Jan 5) and last Friday, according to MEX I.

MEX I added that the SC lodgement expiry date for the RM2.21bil subordinated sukuk was on May 23 while the RM1.13bil senior sukuk’s was on March 30.