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aws试用账号( secures RM96mil procurement contract



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VSolar executive director Koo Kien Yoon

KUALA LUMPUR: Vsolar Group Bhd has signed a partnership agreement to procure and supply parts to RA Integration Links Sdn Bhd (RAILSB).

The contract, valued at RM96mil is for VSolar to procure and supply all necessary parts to RAILSB to complete an overhaul of fifty sets of Ampang 6-Car Light Rail Vehicle (LRV).

“VSolar is looking to mobilise its expertise in supply chain management to assist RAILSB to obtain all necessary equipment and tools to complete the awarded project.

“RAILSB earlier secured a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) deal to overhaul of fifty sets of Ampang 6-Car LRV. This is the first collaboration for both companies in leveraging each other’s expertise,” VSolar said in a statement.

VSolar executive director Koo Kien Yoon said: “VSolar hopes to be the catalyst for client companies to achieve their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals and is keen to continue its momentum to bring in more similar projects this year. This is in line with Vsolar's management initiative for 2022, which is to divert its focus to ESG positive impact projects.”

“This current procurement project runs for five years. It is a project that will impact the lives of millions of people that are staying in Klang Valley.

“No doubt, trains are one of the best transportation methods provided by the Government and our team intends to keep it running at its best to continue serving the people,” Koo added.