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UEM Sunrise chief executive officer Sufian Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR: UEM Sunrise Bhd has launched its annual Chinese New Year campaign-themed ‘Happy Duo Duo’ to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and joyfulness in the Year of the Tiger.

In a statement, UEM Sunrise said the campaign was inspired from the expression “Twice the Joy, Double the Happy” which aligned with the company’s tagline ‘Find Your Happy’.

The word “Duo Duo” meaning “more and more” is also a play of words symbolizing “22” ushering in the year 2022.

It added that the campaign seeks to revitalise the joy of getting together and spending time with loved ones, family, and friends safely as part of the new normal during this festive season.

“Customary to every Chinese New Year, we will celebrate happiness, the joy of coming together and being with our loved ones again, especially after almost two years of being in lockdown.

“This campaign celebrates and pays homage to the little Chinese New Year traditions that we hold so dearly,” UEM Sunrise chief executive officer Sufian Abdullah said.

Throughout the Chinese New Year campaign period, UEM Sunrise will be organising a series of digital activities, promotions and festive-themed videos that aim to highlight the spirit of togetherness.

UEM Sunrise said homebuyers who sign their SPAs by March 22 would automatically get to join the ‘Happy Duo Duo Book, Sign & Win’ contest to stand a chance to grab attractive prizes worth up to RM622,222 including kitchen appliances and electronic goodies.

As part of the campaign’s efforts in encouraging sustainability and the tiger conservation efforts during the Year of the Tiger, UEM Sunrise will donate RM100 - capped at RM22,200 to the Malayan Tiger Conservation Programme by The Malaysian Conversation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) - for every completed participation at the ‘Send Happy Tiger Home Safely’ contest in the UEM Sunrise website.