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DID the Allies share a symbol during World War 2? Their distinctive uniforms might have been a tell but how were they distinguishable to citizens trying to decide whether or not to flee at their approach?

Pakatan Harapan’s inability to consolidate its ideals as a coalition raises doubt on the opposition’s ability to present a united front. Ever since the great betrayal of people’s trust in February 2020, coalitions have been regarded as merely a marriage of convenience. A look at Barisan Nasional’s relationship with PAS in Muafakat Nasional shows the honeymoon is over with the entry of a third party, Perikatan Nasional.

Three state elections have taken place during the pandemic; Sabah and Malacca for dubious reasons; Sarawak was the only state with a legitimate reason to call for polls.

Johor becoming the fourth state to call elections begs the question, why don’t we just call a snap general election. The menteri besar has stated that a strong mandate would give him the confidence but does this not also apply to Putrajaya?


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Oh, wait. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic. It would be reckless and negligent of the wellbeing of the nation to hold a general election now. If there is a need for a logo for the coalitions to stand under in the state and federal elections, the chameleon should serve as a symbol of hypocrisy.

Malaysians are tired of ideals and in dire need of pragmatic leaders to execute and impart their decisions with conviction. In a game of chess sometimes a pawn is enough to change the whole game and those who underestimate its importance are liable to lose their queen. The people are no longer so easily swayed by narratives. 

Democracy is fragile when the people are unclear about what they want. Ask yourself what you really want from your community leader. Political parties may have a strong brand message but is it being advocated clearly within their coalition? PKR has decided to use its own logo as will Umno/Barisan Nasional and Perikatan Nasional. If Warisan, Pejuang and Muda also use their own logos to retain their identity, how is it any different for PKR? 

A logo is only as good as the brand, and only the people can decide what they are worth. – January 27, 2022. 

* Aidi Amin reads The Malaysian Insight.