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Telegram群组( off the year with an auspicious ‘bai jia bei’


Sunway Property together with Komuniti Tukang Jahit sewed a ‘bai jia bei’ or ‘100 bliss blanket’ to usher in the new year.

WE have a lot to be grateful for when celebrating the Lunar New Year this year. We are able to once again celebrate with family and friends all while adhering to strict SOP.

After spending it isolated behind closed doors or virtually last year, we are able to welcome the Year of the Tiger with roaring merriment.

In the spirit of the new year and blessings, as one of Malaysia’s master community developers Sunway Property has launched its first campaign for the year, Warmest As One, with Sunway Property.

The campaign features a unique patchwork quilt made of cloth contributed by Sunway communities and special deals to welcome new homeowners.

Here, the developer engaged with the community to bring back an age-old tradition, ‘bai jia bei’ or “100 bliss blanket”.

The patchwork quilt is traditionally created to celebrate the birth of a newborn, while the pieces of cloth would usually be contributed by friends and family who would like to offer their blessings to the family.


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When sewn together, it is believed that the patchwork quilt of 100 blessings would come to life, bringing with it good fortune and well wishes for the newborn.

Sunway Property aims to raise awareness around this auspicious tradition with its engagement with Komuniti Tukang Jahit to sew 100 individual pieces of cloth collected from staff and residents of Sunway Property & SPFM, Sunway Malls, Sunway Resort, Sunway University, Sunway XFarms, Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Lagoon Malaysia, Sunway Pals, Sunway GEO Lake Residences, LaCosta, Spargo Eats, Wise Crafters, Santan X Sambal, Ice Dreams Cafe,, Yodmilk and Kloth Cares.

A social enterprise, Kloth Cares partners with Sunway Malls to provide a recycle corner to reduce textile waste. The recycled fabrics collected are repurposed into wiping cloths, blankets, rugs, handbags and other fashionable items or donated to underprivileged communities around Malaysia and other third-world countries.Sunway Property’s staff and Sunway communities come together to wish Malaysians Happy Chinese New Year in Sunway Property’s ‘Warmest as one’ Chinese New Year video.

The quilt symbolises the coming together of all Malaysians for a better future post-pandemic as well as the developer’s renewed resolve to strengthen its proposition as one of Malaysia's master community developers to bring its communities even closer together.

Stay tuned for exciting deals under Sunway Property’s Warmest Prosperity Deals in conjunction with its Chinese New Year campaign that is available from now till Feb 28, 2022.