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apple developer:Device claims to ‘solve’ kids’ Minecraft addiction without parents being the bad guy


Tweet Facebook Mail A Sydney-based startup has appealed to parents to help fund a device it claims will “solve” addiction to video games.KoalaSafe is a router device that operates a separate kid-friendly network that filters pages, places time limits on usage and provides reports to parents.“Game companies often have psychologists working for them to figure out how to make it hard for gamers to (stop),” founder Steve Pack said.“The bar has been raised as to how addictive games can be.”Internet and gaming addiction is now a global phenomenon, with Internet Gaming Addiction listed in the psychiatric handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.KoalaSafe will offer parents insights into how children are using the service. (Kickstarer/KoalaSafe)KoalaSafe promises to “put parents back in control” by giving them a detailed breakdown of just how their children have been interacting online. Mr Pack rejected any suggestion the device could pose an invasion of privacy by interfering in children’s recreational lives.RelatedDestiny 2 breathes new light into old gaming franchise Supermassive black hole 2000 light years closer than we thoughtNew Chinese stealth bomber 'can target US bases thousands of kilometres away'“Any reasonable parent is going to want have some idea of what their kid is doing whether in the real world or not,” he said.Mr Pack was inspired to create the KoalaSafe after witnessing his nephew’s growing addiction to Minecraft.“I see him hunched over just staring, and I’ll ask him something and it’s like he’s somewhere else,” he said. KoalaSafe was inspired by founder Steve Pack's nephew after he became addicted to Minecraft. (Kickstarer/KoalaSafe)“I realised it’s really about time limits. The KoalaSafe gives a window of time, making it hard to get addicted.”Mr Pack believes that by delegating control to an electronic device, parents will no longer need to assume an adversarial role with their children.“Some of the stories that we hear from our users are really interesting,” he said.“One user told us he loved it. ‘I’m no longer the bad guy, it’s not me who’s turning the internet off, it’s the koala guy.’”The device is currently available for an early pledge of $55 USD on the KoalaSafe’s Kickstarter page.

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