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ios developer account:Sydney’s 17 million pixel high definition Christmas centrepiece


Tweet Facebook Mail It's a nativity scene which uses as much power as twelve houses. The high-tech approach taken by St Mary's Cathedral's Christmas decorations this year departs from more traditional ornaments and goes digital. For the third year running, massive projections illuminate the façade, but this year the display is bigger and brighter, with a whopping 45000 watt output.Twelve massive projectors, each with an intense 3500 watt output light up the Cathedral's façade with some of the brightest high definition industrial-scale motion displays in the world.Do you have a photo or video that should be published on ninemsn? Or do you have information that could lead to a news story? Let us know by sending an email to"Over the whole of the building we've got a total of over seventeen million pixels," said Kain Jones from Technical Direction Company who is the display's project manager.With 200 gigabyte media files requiring 150 gigabytes of RAM, the computing requirements to make sure the images run smoothly took months of careful planning and painstaking attention to detail.RelatedDestiny 2 breathes new light into old gaming franchise Supermassive black hole 2000 light years closer than we thoughtNew Chinese stealth bomber 'can target US bases thousands of kilometres away'The total display has an output of 45000 watts."We have a 3-D scan of the building so the building is broken up into multiple sections - multiple full HD panels," said Mr Jones. "It's a lot of servers and a lot of processing power to make that happen," he said.Behind the scenes, a lot goes on that the public wouldn't even know about.Located at the far end of the forecourt is a three-story platform covered in black panels that houses the twelve projectors and media servers.Two dedicated projectionists sit behind a row of monitors every night making sure the display runs smoothly. Their workstation is so full of computer screens and data banks it almost looks like a makeshift air traffic control tower. Multiple ventilation fans extract the air inside the workspace to prevent it from overheating.The 'Lights of Christmas' festive show kicked off at its opening night last night and continues until Christmas. Technical Direction Company – the same people who light up Sydney landmarks during the Vivid festival – project onto St Mary's Cathedral from 8:30pm until midnight every night until (and including) December 25.Source: Technical Direction CompanyAuthor: Simon Anderson, Approving editor: Simon Black

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