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apple developer account for sale :Positives priced in for technology sector


AmBank Research said there is the adoption of 5G as well as much investments pouring into 5G networks globally. PETALING JAYA: Most of the upside catalysts for technology stocks have been priced in, says AmBank Research, which has downgraded the sector. In its report, the research house revised its rating on the technology sector to “neutral” from “overweight”, citing little upside to its valuations. “We believe that positive earnings outlook amid ongoing technological trends have been fairly priced in, ” it said. “Despite initial supply chain disruptions amid Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, the sector has rebounded to a new high as the pandemic has hastened the progress of technological change, ” it pointed out.It noted that technology and work preferences have moved to remote work and distance learning with the need for Industry 4.0 technologies such as big data, automation and Internet of things (IoT) to build a more resilient supply chain. AmBank Research said there is the adoption of 5G as well as much investments pouring into 5G networks globally. “We may upgrade our sector recommendation to an overweight if companies under our coverage secure significant jobs and/or major customers, or the US dollar strengthens, ” the research house said. “Also a faster-than-expected adoption of technological trends such as 5G, spurring high demand for end-products and the improvement in US-China trade relations which will help to reduce market uncertainty, ” it added. Meanwhile, CGS-CIMB maintained its “overweight” stance on the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sector. “We expect all three EMS players under our coverage to record robust earnings ahead on the back of steady order flows and a higher margin base, ” CGS-CIMB said. It noted that there was a swift recovery in orders seen in the second half of last year, partially aided by fulfillment of backlog orders.“Our channel checks found a robust order outlook for the EMS players under our coverage, which will still be predominantly driven by their largest common customer. “We expect order growth to be aided by potential new product model wins, which could at the very least alleviate concerns over slower orders for end-of-life product models, ” CGS-CIMB said. It noted that there are better economies of scale among the EMS players, and expect higher insourcing of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to continue to drive their margin expansion. “SKP Resources Bhd’s PCBA operations recorded its maiden profit contribution in the third quarter on stronger order flows. “We expect ATA IMS Bhd’s PCBA operations (currently privately owned) to be injected into the listed company by the middle of this year, ” it said. ATA’s PCBA’s operations is already profitable, said CGS-CIMB.

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