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Work-from-home Forty eight per cent of local respondents want a combination of working from home and the office after the pandemic. A further 14% of respondents want to work-from home permanently. The Randstad Workmonitor survey highlights the greatest concerns and challenges candidates are faced with. It was conducted in October last year across 34 markets around the world, with a minimum of 400 respondents in each market. CLICK TO ENLARGEIn response to the pandemic, many employers have sped up on developing their technology capabilities to equip their staff with adequate hardware and software for remote working. More than four in five respondents (82%) feel they have the equipment and technology to deal with the digitalisation in their job. Eight in 10 respondents feel that their employer is supporting them mentally and emotionally through the pandemic. This sentiment is slightly lower among the mature workers, with 74% of respondents aged 45 to 54 years old feeling supported by their employers. One in three respondents wishes that their employers would provide employee assistance programmes post-Covid-19. One in two respondents expects their employers to have good health policies and safety protocols (52%) and access to health insurance (51%).

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