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apple developer:This website will tell you the time in the most memorable of ways


Time is not a number, but a moment: At 3.38pm on, you see not a digital clock, but a photo like this. — When you want to know what time it is, you just look at the time. But can you remember the last time you found it genuinely interesting to glance at the clock? Perhaps on New Year’s Eve, 10 seconds before midnight? Or when you have to catch a train and are counting every second that passes? Beyond that, looking at your watch is usually no more than a means to an end. But over on, it’s the other way around. Here, photos, moments and memories become the focus, while the time they convey is rather secondary. On his website, the US developer Daniel Craig Giffen has reinterpreted timekeeping. Visit the site, and every 60 seconds you’ll be shown a new picture, each carrying the current time on it somewhere, either rather obviously or somewhere well hidden. You might see the current time as shells laid out in the sand, the price at a petrol station, house numbers or photographed clocks. You’ll learn what time it is, sure, but will probably also leave the website wondering what the heck was going on in that photo 16 minutes ago. In many photos, you’ll see someone holding up the appropriate numbers or somehow indicating them with their fingers. There are also 40 alternatives that you can click through, but you only have 60 seconds to do so before new pictures with the new time appear. In addition, there are 21 hours of video material on the site with time monuments and a new project is on the way: a clock on which the time is displayed with photos of postcards and letters that the developer Giffen has received. He doesn’t do all this for the money. Giffen says on Twitter that one of his hobbies is websites that make you lose money. Human Calendar is probably one of those. For this site, the developer says he persuaded acquaintances to pose with little cards containing days of the week, days of the month, the month and the year. All the pictures are arranged as a calendar, are constantly in motion and react promptly to a mouse click. – dpa

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